The Best Small Portable TVs For Tailgate Parties Reviewed

If you want the best of both worlds, you'll probably want to have a TV in your pocket, double-up, watch games in the parking lot while you play these games, grab those ribs and run this cool amber liquid. Elsewhere, I've written the "way to" list to get a signal wherever you travel by investing in a satellite dish and all that goes with it. But here are some small, almost portable screens - personal TVs - that will keep you in touch with touchdowns, goals and crucial points. Some can be connected to your vehicle with a car charge, but these are almost always an optional accessory.
I checked them from the smallest screen to find out. phones, medium (3.5 ") to the largest 7". All can be categorized as pocket TVs and as a way to catch up with outdoor games when you are in the parking lot of the house, most are efficient in different ways and OK as backups for power outages. 'emergency. You do not need to miss a match!
Watching TV on the small screen of a p…